Justin’s true talent resides in trailblazing and problem solving. Since Working at Technology Center In Reno Nevada, his history & experience is mainly in the Tech side of business. He has carved a niche for himself in finding key first steps and using it to launch an idea or business into action.

AMN inc. Founder prides himself on Authenticity. In most ventures the opportunity will arise to "take what is yours". This is where Justin has proven many times over that he is not motivated simply by money but success.

Renokid, Business Coach, Instructor, Sales Guru, Relationship Devlopment


Over the years, Justin has developed a classical yet modern business style that many other seasoned professionals struggle to grasp. Through Discovery of online footprints some professionals find that its difficult to rank on the first page of google, in some industries.

Most are lacking an expert that understands how SEO-UX-Analytics work together, and how to maximize reach, conversions and goals.

He maintains his values and ethics in loyalty and honesty while streamlining a business to profitability. He will sacrifice what he wants for the greater good of the company.

A SEO Guru & Founder of Action Pool Network prides himself on Authenticity, while keeping it interesting.

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