At AMN we care about outcomes. They say there is 2 guarantees in life, Death & Taxes, We believe there is more in life. We push the Envelope when it comes to standards, by offering more than most and taking less than we give. When you give us a shot, we follow through!

There are 3 Guarantees with Action Media Networks MBG policy.

  • Top Notch Design
  • User Friendly
  • Functionality of pages & Call to Action Buttons


If you are unsatisfied with the final result of your site, and it was due to any of our inhouse designers mistake on detail or specifics, we make it right- We Work For FREE!

Until it’s right of course, and if you are still not satisfied. We Stand Firm in our Guarantee

User Friendly

At Action Media Network we pride ourselves on the final product. That means the it needs to be simple to use and user friendly. Design is one thing, but if it doesn’t flow properly, we adapt to your desires.

We will do our absolute best to satisfy your Web Presence needs.

Functionality & CTA Buttons

I Justin “RenoKid” Mason vow to stand behind the 100% Money Back Guarantee. The site should function properly and the impulse buttons need to be in the right spots.

If functionality and buttons are not right the first time, You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 14 Calendar days of the invoice. After the 14 day period, you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. We encourage our customers to browse their website and platforms inside the first two weeks after their purchase to ensure it fits your needs. if you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for allowing us to earn your business- RenoKid

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